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    Dianomi partners with Proactiveinvestors

    By Raphael Queisser | Published May 4, 2017

    Dianomi, the financial content marketing platform, are excited to announce the addition of Proactiveinvestors to their roster of premium partners – with sponsored Financial Content recommendation units recently launching across desktop and mobile versions of their UK, US and Australian sites. Proactiveinvestors is a leading multi-media news organisation, investor portal and events management business with […]

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    Why content in context matters

    By Raphael Queisser | Published April 13, 2017

    Recent news headlines illustrate how damaging it could be for a brand’s digital ads to appear alongside irrelevant, or potentially damaging, content. Major organisations in the UK – including the government, major banks and media groups – have pulled their advertising from Google and YouTube in response to concerns about where and how their content […]

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    Gramercy Brokerage Strategy Award

    By Raphael Queisser | Published April 6, 2017

    dianomi wins the Gramercy Financial Marketing Strategy Award for Brokerage   The award was won for the optimisation of Nerdwallet’s Investments campaign, resulting in a 69% reduction in costs for the client and a 35% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The Gramercy Institute is the world’s largest network of senior marketers from leading […]

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    10 Tips on how to write the perfect headline

    By Raphael Queisser | Published February 28, 2017

    People read the first three words of paragraphs and bulleted items and often stop reading and skip on. They read the tops and bottoms of things before they read the middles (Marketing Sherpa).   With that in mind, your headline and first few words are vital. You’ve only got a few seconds to demonstrate thought […]

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    Dianomi delivers geotargeted content accurately and efficiently with Neustar IP Intelligence

    By Rupert Hodson | Published January 27, 2017

    Accuracy matters. As the global leader in financial content marketing, seven out of the top ten global asset managers depend on Dianomi to accurately place their sponsored content on websites preferred by private investors, professional investors and c-suite executives. With over 3 billion native ad impressions and more than 250 clients depending on Dianomi to […]

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    The Financial Services Forum – Is the Tech Tail Wagging the Marketing Mutt?

    By Rupert Hodson | Published January 23, 2017

    Over the past few years, programmatic buying, content platforms and robo-tools have all entered into the competition for share of asset management marketing budgets. With a ripe DC pensions market on the horizon, the opportunity to engage with a new demographic of consumers is burgeoning. But is the cost of new tech driven solutions eating […]

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    6 ways Financial Marketers can improve ROI – part 2

    By Raphael Queisser | Published December 21, 2016

    In part 2 of our series exploring how FS brands can improve their content marketing, we’ve identified 6 ways to improve the success of campaigns: 1. Put your content in context. If your target audience sees your message where they’re already consuming financial content, they’ll be much more engaged and more likely to take action. […]

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    Content may be king, but strategy rules – part 1

    By Raphael Queisser | Published December 21, 2016

    In the first of our series of articles exploring how to improve content marketing for financial brands, Raphael Queisser takes a look at the importance of a strategic approach. You can’t run a successful financial content marketing campaign without great content. But there is much more to effective content marketing than just producing content. You […]

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    Dianomi Co-founder & CEO, Rupert Hodson explains the success of Dianomi and why it matters to the future of Financial Marketing

    By Raphael Queisser | Published November 9, 2016

    Gramercy Institute Chief Analyst Bill Wreaks recently met up with Dianomi co-founder & CEO Rupert Hodson. Wreaks and Hodson chatted about the business behind Dianomi and what Dianomi’s success might spell for the future of financial services marketing. “Quality of creative and quality of environment,” explains Hodson, “are critical to advertisers. Delivering campaigns targeted to […]

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    Dianomi becomes exclusive sponsored content provider on Kiplinger.com

    By Rupert Hodson | Published November 2, 2016

    Dianomi, the financial content marketing platform, are excited to announce they are now the exclusive sponsored content provider on Kiplinger.com’s newly relaunched website. Dianomi Sponsored Financial Content recommendation units have been integrated on all articles and slideshows, along with the full range of personal finance tools and calculators that Kiplinger offer their users; distributing relevant […]

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