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    Finance News Network and FN Arena join dianomi’s Australian publishers

    By Julian Peterson | Published April 15, 2016

    Finance News Network and FN arena have joined dianomi’s list of premium publishers in Australia. dianomi’s performance ad units appear on both sites plus dianomi also looks after display advertising. Display inventory can be bought through dianomi’s Rubicon storefront by registered buyers and traders or by contacting us direct.

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    Fintech startups get discounted advertising on ASX

    By Julian Peterson | Published February 25, 2016

    Fintech startups who advertise with dianomi on ASX can now get a massively discounted introduction package. There comes a time when every startup needs to start telling the world what they’ve created and, no matter how amazing the idea, this costs money. But it costs 80% less with dianomi’s new fintech intro package on ASX. […]

    How to kill your brand with Content Marketing

    By Paul Hughes | Published February 12, 2016

    Content marketing is being hailed as the holy grail of customer acquisition. In a nutshell, Content Marketing is about building trust with your customers by providing them with content that nurtures not only their understanding of your product, but also on some key strategic themes that places you as a “thought leader”. This type of […]

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    Top 10 Tips to Maximise User Engagement

    By dianomi_editor | Published February 12, 2016

    1.When creating content make sure to focus on your audience’s interest or needs and aim to address their problems. 2.Topical content is key to engaging users. 3.Make ads more personal and asking questions in the ad text will increase engagement. 4.Images with people are most engaging followed by objects, logos and lastly text or graphs. […]

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    The Rise of the Robots

    By Michael Smith | Published December 23, 2015

    There has been an increase of Robot traffic over the last 12 months and we have been working hard at distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate traffic. In Financial Services it is imperative to provide value for every single click and we do not want to be wasting our clients’ budgets on artificially generated traffic that […]

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    dianomi takes over all advertising on the ASX website

    By Julian Peterson | Published December 4, 2015

      All advertising on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) website is exclusively represented by dianomi. With over 25 million pages per month asx.com.au is one of Australia’s largest financial websites and unique in that it is the original source of share-related information. The ASX monthly audience includes around a million users who are finance and investment interested, […]

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    AIMIA’s Future of Digital Publishing – dianomi’s Julian Peterson to speak

    By Rupert Hodson | Published July 19, 2015

    Julian will be speaking at AIMIA’s “The Future of Digital Publishing” event in Sydney on 13 August alongside speakers from The Guardian, News, Publicis and Bauer.

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    Financial Times market data pages now feature dianomi ad units

    By Julian Peterson | Published May 7, 2015

    dianomi’s ad units are now live on ft.com’s market data pages.

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    Kiplinger now features dianomi ad units

    By Julian Peterson | Published April 15, 2015

    dianomi’s ad units are now live on Kiplinger. Kiplinger is a leader in personal finance news and business forecasting.

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    CNN Money now features dianomi ad units

    By Julian Peterson | Published April 13, 2015

    dianomi’s ad units are now live on CNN Money. CNN Money is a Top 10 Financial News property with more than 19 million monthly digital multi-platform unique visitors according to comScore*. * comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform Report. Period: March 2014. Rank based on Financial News/Research category.

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