Dianomi to host “Financial Services Marketing 2024” event in Sydney

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Dianomi will be hosting “Financial Services Marketing 2024” at UTS Business School in Sydney on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

This one-day event is tailored for marketers in the financial services and business sectors, with a focus on investments, wealth management, private banking, stockbroking and associated services.

Current Dianomi APAC clients are invited to attend. Please reach out to your account manager if you have not received an invitation yet.

If you are not a current client, but would like to attend, please contact our Sydney office.

If you are interested in presenting or participating in a panel discussion, please let us know.

Event details:

Speakers announced:

  • Julian Peterson, Managing Director APAC, Dianomi – “Behavioural Economics for Financial Services Marketers”
  • George Lucas, Founder of Acorns/Raiz – “From Zero to Scale: Growing Acorns/Raiz”
  • Giada Dorgia, Account Director APAC, Fundamental Media – “The Evolution of Digital Marketing – The use of technology to shorten the cycle”

More speakers will be announced soon.

Panels announced:

  • Reality vs tracking and privacy – Cookies are going and a new privacy law is coming. Should any of that matter? Shouldn’t we already have evolved to match consumers’ expectations and the legal changes? What does a data-driven strategy look like in today’s world?
    • Featuring Ori Gold, Bench Media; Candice Driver, Louder; Sam French, Motley Fool and Moderated by Tim Burrowes, Publisher at Unmade, Founder of Mumbrella
  • Marketing in strange times – what does 2024 look like? Consumers have less $ to spend but the stock market is resurgent, some sectors are in the doldrums and some are booming. How do we see this affecting marketing for the next year?
    • Featuring Natalie Wood, Fat Tail; Chris Walton, Nunn Media; Aj Koch, Pinstripe Media and Adam Lang, Fear & Greed
  • Engaging the investor of tomorrow – A new wave of investors have never spoken to a bank manager or a financial advisor, nor, possibly, can they afford to or ever will do. They invest digitally and gather information from digital and social media. How best do you market to this new wave?
    • Featuring Prashant Mohan, Sharesight; Kim Robbins, Merricks Capital; David Eisman, Capital Brief and Amit Kacker, Colonial First State
  • Creating brand identity in a commoditised world – how on earth do you differentiate or be distinctive? – Everyone is ESG. Everyone is sustainable. Does anyone care? How can you differentiate or be distinctive?
    • Featuring Clay Hagland, Orbis; Kylie Merritt, ausbiz and Chris Nardi, Ptarmigan Media

More panels will be announced soon.