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Annual Report 2023

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Premium positioning, away from the crowd

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A Strong Track Record

In 2022 alone, our clients generated 48.8 billion total impressions

Across Multiple Markets

The Group’s revenue is generated in the Americas (FY21: 76.8%), followed by EMEA (FY21: 19.8%), and APAC (FY21: 3.4%)

Our Business

The Group enables premium brands to deliver native advertisements to a targeted audience on the desktop and mobile websites, mobile and tablet applications of premium publishers.

Digital advertising perfectly placed

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We are in the right market

eMarketer (2022) predicts that digital advertising spend in the US Financial Services Sector will increase by 13% in 2023 to $36 billion

$87.60 billion

eMarketer (December 2021) estimates 64.1% of all US digital display ad spending, or $87.60 billion, will be spent on native advertising by the end of 2022, showing strong growth from 54.5% or $24.64 billion, in 2017

Our Technology

Dianomi utilises a proprietary Ad Algorithm which places adverts on website pages depending on the native content and the previous success of adverts to maximise audience engagement


Our Vision

Dianomi is committed to growing its position as a leading provider of premium native advertising services within the Financial Services and Business sectors and to expand into other premium segments within both existing and new territories.