Financial and Business Native Ad Platform Dianomi Launches Podcast Distribution Offering

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Enables brand safe, scalable and targeted podcast promotion directly via the world’s top financial and business publishers

New York, NY – September 30, 2021 – Dianomi, the native ad marketplace for premium brands and publishers, today announced the launch of a new podcast promotion and distribution capability which is currently being tested in an initial phase by S&P Global. This extension enables brands to efficiently engage their target audiences by leveraging podcast distribution through Dianomi’s tier one publishing partners.

Dianomi’s podcast offering comes at a time of exponential growth in podcasts and the audiences who listen to them — with at least 80 million individuals listening to podcasts at least once a week, doubling since 2016. Increasingly, both premium brands and media companies are launching podcasts and seeking ways to introduce them to audiences and engage listeners. Via a unique audio advertising unit, Dianomi enables brands and publishers to distribute podcast episodes next to relevant articles in top financial and business publishers. 

“As the appetite and audiences for podcasts continue to grow massively, so does the challenge for podcast creators to break through the noise and find the right audiences. We offer the ability to place relevant podcast content in front of audiences who are most likely to be interested in a particular kind of subject matter, in premium and brand-safe environments, said Rupert Hodson, CEO of Dianomi. “We saw a need in the market and will now be offering advertisers an additional way to reach consumers in premium publications, where content is aligned with brand safety at scale.” 

Dianomi’s unique ability to connect premium brands with contextual advertising across leading financial publishers is the perfect getaway for advertisers to tap into marketing on podcasts.  This contextual targeting capability, at scale, has been central to Dianomi’s 47% growth year on year since 2015. 

About Dianomi

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