Re-engagement unit
dianomi’s Re-engagement unit has been implemented across a number of sites including Reuters.
The Re-engagement unit consists of two elements:
1) Increase traffic: recommended articles from the host site – these are recommended according to current user behaviour.
2) Increase revenue: sponsored content, guides and commentaries from dianomi advertisers – contextually matched to the content of the page being viewed.
Page views per user and average session duration are both good indicators of the engagement level of a site’s users. The Re-engagement unit helps to increase both of these metrics whilst earning extra revenue and increasing the eCPM of the site’s business, finance and money pages.
Users are accustomed to seeing recommendations for other content at the end of articles but in many cases they are presented with apparently random or irrelevant content. dianomi will only present finance and money related content and commentaries from financial services advertisers.
dianomi’s Re-engagement unit also works to produce the highest possible eCPM for the host publisher – who can specify the design of the unit and control over which advertisers are presented.
The unit can be implemented via an iframe rather than JavaScript.
Live examples can be seen on article pages on publishers such as ASX – Australian Securities Exchange, London South East, Trustnet, Investors Chronicle and Reuters.
Contact us to discuss increasing your engagement and eCPM.
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  • News & views

Press Association
The Press Association (PA), UK’s leading multimedia news agency and content provider, has formed a strategic distribution partnership with dianomi™, a global leader in financial content marketing, to offer clients a complete content marketing solution.
The alliance will enable PA’s financial client base to distribute links to its content in the form of sponsored financial commentaries. These sponsored commentary links (Smartlinks™) will appear alongside contextually relevant news stories across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers that includes, Reuters, Bloomberg, the London Stock Exchange and more.
In addition, dianomi™ will be recommending PA to its own financial customer base as the preferred partner for quality content creation services.
Emily Shelley, PA’s Head of Content For Marketing, said: “This partnership will allow PA to add increased value to the content marketing services we already provide to our financial clients, while opening opportunities for new business.
“PA is already creating effective marketing content for some of the biggest B2B and B2C brands in the world, but by working closely with dianomi™, we can now guarantee a highly targeted audience for our material.”
Rupert Hodson, Co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director of dianomi™, said: “We are delighted to be working with PA in this exciting distribution capacity.
“This is a natural partnership, where premium content creation and premium content discovery go hand-in-hand. The key to the relationship is that we both have the same end goal for the clients – that of driving and engaging users through to the high quality content that sits on their site. We are looking forward to working together to maximise the many opportunities in the marketplace.”
dianomi™ promotes links to valuable financial content – such as guides reports, articles and video – alongside relevant publisher articles. Working with over 150 premium financial publishers, its contextual Smartlink™ adverts serve over one billion content promotions globally per month, reaching over 20 million unique consumers.
PA’s Content For Marketing service uses the knowledge and experience of 145 years of content creation to produce trusted and customised solutions for a multitude of global businesses.

dianomi’s MarketViews Guide to Income Investing campaign for Aberdeen Asset Management has been shortlisted in two categories in  The Financial Services Forum’s Awards for Marketing Effectiveness.
The campaign is nominated in both the Direct Marketing and Sponsorship categories. Winners will be announced at The Financial Services Forum Annual Members’ Dinner on 21 November.
Direct Marketing
Aberdeen Asset Management: MarketViews Guide to Income Investing
First Direct: Think More Creatively About Money
Just Retirement : Dig Deeper
Barclaycard: Acquisition DM Strategy
Aberdeen Asset Management: MarketViews Guide to Income Investing
RBS Corporate and Institutional Banking: Supporting the UK Knowledge Economy and Driving Economic Growth
BNY Mellon: Which Blue Are You?
Lloyds Banking Group: Lloyds TSB and London 2012 – The Making of a Successful Partnership
Aberdeen Asset Management: MarketViews Guide to Income Investing

CPC - Cost Per Click campaigns
A client who is running an always-on CPC – Cost Per Click campaign for SMSF through dianomi paid us a compliment this month:
“dianomi’s “always-on” CPC campaign is getting the best cost per acquisition of any form of digital advertising at the moment. Aside from conversions, dianomi users look at 70% more pages, spend twice as long on the site and have a bounce rate 25% lower than search.”
Cost Per Click campaigns through dianomi allow our advertisers to reach a premium audience on financial websites with contextually relevant ads and pay on a cost per click basis.
Please contact us if you’re interested in a CPC campaign. Read a similar quote from an ETF client.
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HSBC content marketing

Dianomi is rolling out their first content discovery campaign for HSBC Global Connections through Mindshare Worldwide. The content is targeting C-suite executives and focuses on articles and videos aimed at helping businesses to grow internationally.
Delivered through dianomi’s custom integrated SmartLink™ ad units, the CPC campaign will be run across dianomi’s premium publisher network that includes Bloomberg, Reuters, Businessweek and The FT.
The activity is geo-targeted in over 20 countries.
HSBC content

Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management chooses dianomi’s content marketing platform as a key digital distribution channel for the roll out of their first-ever global brand advertising campaign in 30 years. The content marketing activity focuses on promoting content from Aberdeen’s Simply Aberdeen microsite.
Asset management to the side, the site explores and celebrates some other things in life – including people, design and ideas – that Aberdeen feel embody their ‘simple’ philosophy and attitude. The individuals articles and videos within the site are being promoted across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers and geo-targeted to over 20 countries.
We very much recommend you take a quick look. There are short articles on everything from the objects and innovations shaping our world, to the people and ideas that are bringing simplicity to life. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in six words and reportedly called it his best work.
This campaign was nominated for a marketing effectiveness award.
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