ASX website features dianomi advertising units

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ASX - Australian Securities Exchange
dianomi’s advertising units are live across the desktop ASX website yielding over 20 million pages per month of high quality, finance and business interested users.
dianomi’s Re-Engagement unit appears on article pages:
ASX Re-engagement unit
dianomi’s SmartLinks ad unit appears across the rest of the site showing both product and content ads:
ASX advertising with dianomi
dianomi’s custom mFund unit is featured across the mFund section of the ASX site:
mFund ASX
ASX is one of Australia’s largest quality finance-related websites – a perfect fit for dianomi’s clients who include virtually every single household name financial services business in the world.
We now run our clients’ campaigns across stock exchange websites in three continents and we’re really looking forward to working with ASX.
ASX Audience
3 times more likely to earn over $130,000
53% more investments that the average Australian – $457,000 average value of investments
49% more likely to be buying an investment property
50% more likely to own an SMSF
54% have a degree
The Sharemarket Game
Registration for the very popular Sharemarket Game starts on the ASX on 5 February. This presents an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach users who are new to share trading and are looking for education and information.
From 21 December 2015 display advertising on ASX will be exclusively represented by dianomi.
To advertise on ASX please contact us.
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