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Re-engagement unit
dianomi’s Re-engagement unit has been implemented across a number of sites including Reuters.
The Re-engagement unit consists of two elements:
1) Increase traffic: recommended articles from the host site – these are recommended according to current user behaviour.
2) Increase revenue: sponsored content, guides and commentaries from dianomi advertisers – contextually matched to the content of the page being viewed.
Page views per user and average session duration are both good indicators of the engagement level of a site’s users. The Re-engagement unit helps to increase both of these metrics whilst earning extra revenue and increasing the eCPM of the site’s business, finance and money pages.
Users are accustomed to seeing recommendations for other content at the end of articles but in many cases they are presented with apparently random or irrelevant content. dianomi will only present finance and money related content and commentaries from financial services advertisers.
dianomi’s Re-engagement unit also works to produce the highest possible eCPM for the host publisher – who can specify the design of the unit and control over which advertisers are presented.
The unit can be implemented via an iframe rather than JavaScript.
Live examples can be seen on article pages on publishers such as ASX – Australian Securities Exchange, London South East, Trustnet, Investors Chronicle and Reuters.
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