Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management chooses dianomi’s content marketing platform as a key digital distribution channel for the roll out of their first-ever global brand advertising campaign in 30 years. The content marketing activity focuses on promoting content from Aberdeen’s Simply Aberdeen microsite.

Asset management to the side, the site explores and celebrates some other things in life – including people, design and ideas – that Aberdeen feel embody their ‘simple’ philosophy and attitude. The individuals articles and videos within the site are being promoted across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers and geo-targeted to over 20 countries.

We very much recommend you take a quick look. There are short articles on everything from the objects and innovations shaping our world, to the people and ideas that are bringing simplicity to life. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in six words and reportedly called it his best work.

This campaign was nominated for a marketing effectiveness award.

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