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CMO reported a new survey last week that found:
93 per cent of organisations will either maintain or increase resources allocated to content marketing in the next financial year.
Only 18 per cent of Australian organisations have someone with ‘content’ or ‘content marketing’ in their title even as 93 per cent look to invest in content marketing next year.
One-quarter of respondents are relying on a content agency to fuel content marketing activities, and 60 per cent are using in-house resources.
The type of content gaining the most investment is video (48 per cent), followed by case studies (40 per cent), infographics (28 per cent) and whitepapers (26 per cent). Over the next year, blogging came up trumps as the most popular tactic for further investment (44 per cent), followed by video (36 per cent) and thought leadership (35 per cent).
The most popular metrics for measuring the return on investment on content marketing is website traffic (63 per cent), followed by conversion metrics such as leads (54 per cent), sales (41 per cent), social shares (40 per cent) and comments (41 per cent).
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There seems to be a backlash against clickbait in content units at the moment.
Publishers’ Reputations, Not Just Money, At Stake in Content Suggestion Battle
“Publishers’ reputations, not just money, at stake in content suggestion battle” said Ryan Singel.
“The most notable expression of annoyance came from Marc Andreessen, the prominent venture capitalist, who also happens to have invested in digital publications such as Business Insider and PandoDaily. Any serious publishers “should be shot” for using related content links, he wrote, because they degrade the user experience and the advertiser experience. They are a “part of the ‘race to the bottom’ pervading Internet content,” he added, noting that the income they bring in is a short-term substitute for building a long-term quality business.
There’s no amount of money that justifies that crap appearing on our pages,” PandoDaily editorial director Paul Carr wrote. ”
Said Forbes
The Verge content marketing
“Sleazy tabloid links have taken over the web” said The Verge.

“You all know the links he’s talking about. You’re reading an article about Crimea and the site is suggesting you read an article about getting “bikini ready” next.  “

“You all know the links he’s talking about. You’re reading an article about Crimea and the site is suggesting that you read an article about getting “bikini ready” next.” Said EContent.
Medium Content Links
“Those F%#&!ng content links” Said Medium.

 “I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t generate cash or offer data, but it’s not the kind of linkbait that raises brand value”

“I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t generate cash or offer data, but it’s not the kind of linkbait that raises brand value.” Said Rob Mills @ Medium.
The Financial Times - relevance
“After reading the latest news on the probe into the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on CNN’s website, would you like to find out about “four ways to run faster, reach your goals and look great”? Asked The Financial Times.
Clickbait - Adexchanger
“It goes something like this: While scrolling through the latest coverage on Syria, or doing research on a work project, you reach the end of an article, only to be greeted with the latest tabloid news about Kim Kardashian. With its teasing photo and promise of outrageousness, it takes all your willpower to resist. ” Said AdExchanger.
Facebook click bait
Now Facebook has shown up many publishers by taking the lead, they said “80% of the time people preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through” whilst announcing they would crackdown on click-bait.
At dianomi we believe that the context of content is important. For the user. For the brand of the publisher. And for the advertiser.
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Financial Content Discovery Network from dianomi

“We’ve been saying it for years now: What’s the point of creating great content if no one knows about it? If you aren’t going to promote it, your audiences will very likely never discover it – and you will have wasted the resources to create it.” – Content Marketing Institute.
Content discovery
Financial Content (in the right place)– whether in the form of words, graphics, images or videos – is emerging as a critical driver of both revenue and reputation as financial brands aim to position themselves as thought leaders.
Request more information on dianomi’s Financial Content Discovery Network or download content discovery PDF. Recent content marketing campaigns for HSBC and Aberdeen Asset Management.
Read more about contextclick bait and ROI.


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Press Association
The Press Association (PA), UK’s leading multimedia news agency and content provider, has formed a strategic distribution partnership with dianomi™, a global leader in financial content marketing, to offer clients a complete content marketing solution.
The alliance will enable PA’s financial client base to distribute links to its content in the form of sponsored financial commentaries. These sponsored commentary links (Smartlinks™) will appear alongside contextually relevant news stories across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers that includes, Reuters, Bloomberg, the London Stock Exchange and more.
In addition, dianomi™ will be recommending PA to its own financial customer base as the preferred partner for quality content creation services.
Emily Shelley, PA’s Head of Content For Marketing, said: “This partnership will allow PA to add increased value to the content marketing services we already provide to our financial clients, while opening opportunities for new business.
“PA is already creating effective marketing content for some of the biggest B2B and B2C brands in the world, but by working closely with dianomi™, we can now guarantee a highly targeted audience for our material.”
Rupert Hodson, Co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director of dianomi™, said: “We are delighted to be working with PA in this exciting distribution capacity.
“This is a natural partnership, where premium content creation and premium content discovery go hand-in-hand. The key to the relationship is that we both have the same end goal for the clients – that of driving and engaging users through to the high quality content that sits on their site. We are looking forward to working together to maximise the many opportunities in the marketplace.”
dianomi™ promotes links to valuable financial content – such as guides reports, articles and video – alongside relevant publisher articles. Working with over 150 premium financial publishers, its contextual Smartlink™ adverts serve over one billion content promotions globally per month, reaching over 20 million unique consumers.
PA’s Content For Marketing service uses the knowledge and experience of 145 years of content creation to produce trusted and customised solutions for a multitude of global businesses.

dianomi’s MarketViews Guide to Income Investing campaign for Aberdeen Asset Management has been shortlisted in two categories in  The Financial Services Forum’s Awards for Marketing Effectiveness.
The campaign is nominated in both the Direct Marketing and Sponsorship categories. Winners will be announced at The Financial Services Forum Annual Members’ Dinner on 21 November.
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