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dianomi™ is dedicated to helping people discover valuable financial content, be it a guide or report, an article or a video, that educates them into making better informed financial decisions. HSBC and Aberdeen Asset Management have recently run content campaigns through dianomi.
Through dianomi™s Financial Commentary Widget we recommend your content across premium financial publisher sites, exposing it to highly engaged saving and investing audiences and driving in-market investors through to your website, all on a cost per click basis.
Through our contextual Smartlink™ ad units we serve over 800 million content ads globally per month reaching 12 million unique consumers.
Links to your content appear as recommendations on over 200 of the web’s largest financial publishers including sites such as Bloomberg, Reuters, London Stock Exchange, Morningstar, the FT, Guardian, Yahoo Finance, Aol and more.
Publishers: to find out how dianomi™ can help you add a new revenue stream to your site, please contact us.
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HSBC content marketing

Dianomi is rolling out their first content discovery campaign for HSBC Global Connections through Mindshare Worldwide. The content is targeting C-suite executives and focuses on articles and videos aimed at helping businesses to grow internationally.
Delivered through dianomi’s custom integrated SmartLink™ ad units, the CPC campaign will be run across dianomi’s premium publisher network that includes Bloomberg, Reuters, Businessweek and The FT.
The activity is geo-targeted in over 20 countries.
HSBC content

Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management chooses dianomi’s content marketing platform as a key digital distribution channel for the roll out of their first-ever global brand advertising campaign in 30 years. The content marketing activity focuses on promoting content from Aberdeen’s Simply Aberdeen microsite.
Asset management to the side, the site explores and celebrates some other things in life – including people, design and ideas – that Aberdeen feel embody their ‘simple’ philosophy and attitude. The individuals articles and videos within the site are being promoted across dianomi’s network of premium financial publishers and geo-targeted to over 20 countries.
We very much recommend you take a quick look. There are short articles on everything from the objects and innovations shaping our world, to the people and ideas that are bringing simplicity to life. Did you know that Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in six words and reportedly called it his best work.
This campaign was nominated for a marketing effectiveness award.
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For some time publishers and advertisers alike have been running Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns in search engine results – the idea being that users who are searching for relevant content will be open to buying a product related to that search.
But what about users who are already engaged in relevant content? Why should a user return to a search engine to read other sources on the same subject?
A recent and growing trend in digital and content marketing has been to run content based CPC campaigns on publisher websites linking directly to other relevant content – even on other publishers. If the user is already engaged in that subject then they’ll want to find more relevant content. From an advertiser perspective, these new campaigns differ to traditional CPC campaigns in that engaging content is promoted instead of a brand or product.
The key is to ensure that the additional content offered is relevant to the user and presented in an appropriate and attractive context – not next to gossip or cat stories.
dianomi’s financial commentaries allow astute marketers to present their own content to high quality and relevant users on our network of financial services websites:
1) Audience – our units only appear on premium financial services and business websites such as The Guardian, Morning Star, Reuters, The Financial Times, The London Stock Exchange and many others.
2) Context – our units only include approved finance related content.
3) Engagement – our units show the most contextually relevant campaign to the user according to what they are already reading.
4) Fixed price – we charge a fixed price Cost Per Click – there is absolute certainty with our pricing.
Content discovery

dianomi are leading the way in content marketing with a series of MarketViews guides commissioned for financial services clients including Aberdeen Asset Management, City Index and Henderson Global Investors.
The guides have been commissioned by dianomi and are written by well known expert financial journalists such as Peter Temple, long time contributor to The Financial Times, Investors Chronicle and Interactive Investor.
By combining views from finance professionals with insight from industry leaders, MarketViews guides provide sponsors and advertisers with a powerful marketing platform. Our clients are able to easily identify and communicate directly with their core audience with the highest possible contextual relevance, ensuring that readers will engage and respond. Through our unique partnerships with premium finance publishers, users are easily able to request our guides completely free of charge. These are delivered both as downloadable, interactive e-brochures and as gloss printed copies posted directly to their homes.

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Market Views - Spread betting guide
By Julian Peterson