Enables brand safe, scalable and targeted podcast promotion directly via the world’s top financial and business publishers

New York, NY – September 30, 2021 – Dianomi, the native ad marketplace for premium brands and publishers, today announced the launch of a new podcast promotion and distribution capability which is currently being tested in an initial phase by S&P Global. This extension enables brands to efficiently engage their target audiences by leveraging podcast distribution through Dianomi’s tier one publishing partners.

Dianomi’s podcast offering comes at a time of exponential growth in podcasts and the audiences who listen to them — with at least 80 million individuals listening to podcasts at least once a week, doubling since 2016. Increasingly, both premium brands and media companies are launching podcasts and seeking ways to introduce them to audiences and engage listeners. Via a unique audio advertising unit, Dianomi enables brands and publishers to distribute podcast episodes next to relevant articles in top financial and business publishers. 

“As the appetite and audiences for podcasts continue to grow massively, so does the challenge for podcast creators to break through the noise and find the right audiences. We offer the ability to place relevant podcast content in front of audiences who are most likely to be interested in a particular kind of subject matter, in premium and brand-safe environments, said Rupert Hodson, CEO of Dianomi. “We saw a need in the market and will now be offering advertisers an additional way to reach consumers in premium publications, where content is aligned with brand safety at scale.” 

Dianomi’s unique ability to connect premium brands with contextual advertising across leading financial publishers is the perfect getaway for advertisers to tap into marketing on podcasts.  This contextual targeting capability, at scale, has been central to Dianomi’s 47% growth year on year since 2015. 

About Dianomi

Dianomi is the native ad platform for the financial services, technology, corporate, and lifestyle sectors, providing advertisers with access to a global audience of over 200 million online consumers. Through our native display and video units, brands can target consumers contextually with content and product marketing messages on over 300 premium business and finance publishers. Advertisers and publishers trust Dianomi for our brand safety, transparent pricing and insights. Our emphasis on high-quality audiences combined with contextually relevant content helps partners achieve higher ROI than other native ad platforms. For more information, go to http://www.dianomi.com.

On September 20, 2021, Caitlin Francke, Head of Enterprise Media for TIAA spoke with Rachel Tuffney, EVP of Dianomi USA about the past, present, and future for TIAA media spend and building brand awareness the right way.

Francke focused on how in order for companies to grow and prosper, they need to not only think about themselves, but their audiences. Companies need to think about how to give back to their consumers and add value to their lives.

Click the image below to watch the full livecast and learn about how TIAA’s media buying strategy is ever-evolving.

An old adage in business is that to keep a customer or client happy you need to give them what they want. While this sounds simple, in reality there’s so often a disconnect between what businesses think customers want and what they’re actually looking for. When it comes to the content global asset managers are producing, this certainly appears to be the case.


By Rachel Tuffney, EVP of US Operations at Dianomi

As if digital marketers have not had to deal with enough disruption in the past months, Apple’s recently released privacy feature – IOS 14.5 (ATT) is the latest curveball in a wave of policy changes from platforms or regulators making life difficult for marketers. While brands knew Apple’s privacy forward approach was coming, the world is just now seeing the real impact of this ATT update, which is giving consumers more access and power when it comes to what information is shared with advertisers.

In spite of all these changes, there are clear avenues that brands can take to ensure their messages and content are reaching consumers who are most likely to be receptive to them. The most important of which is contextual advertising and while it is not a new solution it is a proven way to drive scale.

Google recently announced the delay of the cookie disappearing until 2023 but third-party solutions are still diminishing. Leading brands are preparing for this change and are getting creative with how they build first-party data and rethink their targeting strategies. Contextual targeting has been around for years but has not always been used to its fully scalable capabilities. Fast forward to today, contextual is one of the key viable solutions left — contextual strategies, via native advertising, are an enlightened and smart way to overcome regulatory complexity whilst maintaining a highly effective audience-driven advertising campaign. Brands are already placing relevant ads in front of potentially interested consumers without cookies and third-party data.

Contextual is a dark horse strategy for distributing high-quality content that many brands invested in during a no-event pandemic period — like podcasts or white papers or e-books — to connect with audiences predisposed to niche subject matter, whether it’s about clean energy or crypto or luxury travel.

Contextual distribution does not have to rely solely on keyword targeting, it can be broader and much more scalable than that; focusing on serving ads into related content across a private marketplace of publishers.

Now with the economy showing signs of roaring back, the race is on among marketers to reach new customers, grow business and send sales into overdrive. And it’s the advertisers who have experimented with new approaches who have experienced substantial growth, whereas brands who have been subject to pandemic paralysis or who have refused to acknowledge consumers’ new boundaries and demands are getting left behind.

Developing technology to help brands improve their consumer connections

The effective use of data is the core ingredient to any digital marketing strategy. When contextual targeting first made its debut, it came with multiple limitations. An example of this is the contextual hierarchies provided by IAB; they were proven to be too broad for niche targeting. Since then, the solution has pivoted and more brands are giving contextual a second chance. The advertising industry continues to expand year after year, the future of targeted advertising will pivot to utilizing machine learning models to predict audience addressability. Advanced and successful algorithms have the power to predict audience designations for a given programmatic ad opportunity.

There are many advantages contextual offers besides the ability to protect user data that advertisers may not have known about. Contextual, enables advertisers to deliver messages to consumers when they are in a receptive frame of mind. While users are browsing content about a specific topic, it signals their intent during that moment —  Leading to be a more reliable indicator of purchase behavior than targeting based on previous browsing habits. Contextual targeting does not use private consumer data so it is the suitable choice among emerging solutions and is expected to continue to grow rapidly through 2025.

Originally Posted on LondonStockExchange.com on May 24, 2021

London Stock Exchange today welcomes Dianomi, a leading provider of native digital advertising services to premium clients in the Financial Services and Business sectors, following its successful IPO on AIM at a market capitalisation of £82 million.

The Company successfully raised £37 million through a placing of both existing shares and new shares. The £5 million raised by the issue of new shares will be used to expedite the Group’s organic growth and to expand the Group’s sales and marketing capabilities in North America and EMEA. The Company will trade under the ticker “DNM”.

Dianomi was established in 2003 and operates from its offices in London, New York and Sydney. The Company provides over 400 advertisers, including blue chip names such as Aberdeen Standard Investments, Invesco and Baillie Gifford, with access to an international audience of 438 million devices per month through its partnerships with over 300 premium publishers of business and finance content, including blue chip names such as Reuters, Bloomberg and WSJ.

Adverts served are contextually relevant to the content of the webpages on which they appear and mirror the style of the page, which enhances reader engagement. Spending by the Financial Services industry on digital advertising in the US alone has grown from $10.85 billion in 2017 to $19.62 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $23.56 billion in 2021 (source: eMarketer). 

Rupert Hodson, CEO of Dianomi said: “The response from investors to our IPO has been very gratifying. Joining AIM is an integral part of our strategy to significantly expand our business. Digital advertising is a rapidly expanding market as people shift to doing more online and our objective is to benefit from this trend and grow our market share. 

“Our IPO was a team effort and I would like to thank all of our people and advisers, who have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new shareholders to the register. We very much look forward to life as a public company and to seeing our business continue its growth journey.”

Advisers to the IPO include:

– Panmure Gordon, NOMAD, sole bookrunner and sole broker
– K&L Gates LLP, Company legal counsel
– Fieldfisher LLP, Broker legal counsel
– RSM Corporate Finance LLP, Reporting accountant
– Novella Communications, Financial Public Relations Adviser

On April 27th, 2021 Rachel Tuffney spoke with MassMututal’s Kristin Lane, VP and Head of Consumer Activation & Engagement, in the Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement Summit. 

In their conversation, they focused on how MassMutual has pivoted successfully to a work-from-home environment and the different partnerships that MassMutual leverages to build and engage with their community.

 Click the image above to watch the full livecast and discover more content on the Brand Innovators website.

Dianomi’s Julian Peterson will present  “The dark side of behavioural economics” at Mumbrella360, Australia’s largest marketing and advertising conference, in Sydney this July.

Should behavioural economics be weaponized against consumers? The “nudge” is a libertarian concept: nudge people to make better choices without taking away their choices. Practitioners of behavioural economics go to great lengths to emphasize ethics and behaviour around trials and interventions. Julian reviews how we can do harm, how actions designed to protect consumers have unintended consequences – and how both are being exploited by advertisers.

More information about Mumbrella360

Dianomi’s EVP, Rachel Tuffney, spoke with American Express’ Courtney Colwell for Brand Innovators‘ Women in Marketing Livecast Series

On April 6th, 2021 Rachel Tuffney spoke with American Express’ Courtney Colwell in a fireside chat for a segment of Brand Innovators’ Women in Marketing Livecast series. The conversation focused on how Colwell users her role as a woman in leadership to support the women on her team and how American Express is helping female small business owners respond to the challenges of the pandemic.
Click the image above to watch the full livecast and discover more content on the Brand Innovators website.

Bury brings extensive commercial development experience from Reuters, AOL, Reach PLC and News UK

New York, NY – March 4, 2021 – Dianomi, the financial and business-focused native ad marketplace for premium publishers (WSJ, Business Insider, and Reuters, among others) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Bury as the company’s first Head of Publisher Commercial Development. In his role, Bury will help to continue Dianomi’s strong record of revenue growth. He will be responsible for identifying new market opportunities, driving the publisher performance strategy and aligning Dianomi’s publisher Product Development, Account Management and Business Development teams for continued growth as the business expands further into the premium lifestyle vertical.

Bury brings over two decades of experience having previously led platform commercial development and strategic partnerships for publishers including Reuters, AOL, Reach PLC and News UK, where he was responsible for growing advertising and alternative revenues across display, programmatic, native advertising, e-commerce and video. He will play a key role in helping to grow Dianomi’s business by implementing a publisher centric approach to commercial development.

“We are thrilled Jo is joining the Dianomi team. He will be critical to the continued growth of the organization and our expansion into new verticals. Jo’s publisher experience in commercial development will be especially key to ensuring solutions from Dianomi help our customers grow yield whilst addressing pending privacy and data updates across the industry,” said Rupert Hodson, CEO at Dianomi. “This is the first time we have had a dedicated role to lead publisher commercial development at Dianomi and we see many areas of opportunities. Jo’s understanding of publisher needs as well as his passion for ad tech and innovation make him a great fit for our business as we continue to expand.”

“It’s an exciting time to be joining the Dianomi team. Dianomi’s native advertising platform is already delivering high yielding video and native demand into partners across multiple platforms through market leading contextually targeted formats,” commented Bury. “I’m looking forward to using my publisher experience to further grow the business through the development of improved analytics and insights, as well as new ad solutions and the expansion into new verticals.”

Bury will be based out of Dianomi’s London office and will report directly to Dianomi’s Chief Executive Officer, Rupert Hodson.

About Dianomi

Dianomi is the native ad platform for financial services, technology, corporate, and lifestyle advertisers providing publishers with high yielding demand across contextually targeted native and video ad units. Advertisers and Publishers trust Dianomi for our brand safety, transparent pricing, and insights. Our emphasis on high-quality audiences combined with contextually relevant content helps partners achieve higher ROI than other native ad platforms. For more information, go to http://www.dianomi.com.