Andrew Goldman, TIAA: How to measure effectiveness in financial marketing

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Measuring the success of content marketing is a hot topic in the industry and can be tricky for brands.

“There’s no silver bullet to measuring the effectiveness of a content marketing effort,” said Andrew Goldman, senior director for B2B content marketing at TIAA. But he added that there are several ways to check short-term performance metrics.

He cited engagement, virality, amplification, all “media terms to think about how well was this content moved around amongst the consumer audience”. Research and surveys also constitute “ways to find out how a small subsegment of your target audience reacts to concepts and ideas”.

In addition, social media platforms that have become publishers such as Facebook and LinkedIn are offering tools that are turning out to be useful for content marketers to measure the efficacy of their campaigns.

For example, Goldman explained that LinkedIn teams up with Nielsen regularly to do ad effectiveness tests. “If you’re running social advertisement on LinkedIn, which is leveraging your content marketing dialogue, your core concepts, you can look at how your audience responds to that vis-a-vis a selection of competitors.”