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dianomi™ connects premium business and finance advertisers with an affluent audience who are looking to discover valuable content, be it a guide, report, article, video or product information. Campaigns run on a Cost-per-Click (CPC) basis.

Track ROI and campaign optimization


“dianomi is one of my go-to vendors for content distribution within the finance category. I know I’m reaching a qualified audience based on the top-tier sites that they partner with, and performance routinely beats our benchmarks. dianomi has always been a valuable addition to our media plans.”

Digital Director Americas, Ptarmigan Media

“Since 2003 we have worked with dianomi as an important content distribution partner, on both sides of the Atlantic, for professional and direct investors. They strive to deliver the best distribution to investors, but also follow up and report assiduously to us as clients on every campaign we do with them.”

Piers Currie – Head of Brand, Aberdeen Asset Management

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Brand safe
Premium publishers
100% campaign transparency
In context
Engaged audiences
Global reach in local languages

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