Lead generation – 12 tips to cut wastage and make your marketing budgets work harder

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12 tips to cut wastage and make your marketing budgets work harder

As presented ad ad:tech London 2012 by Cabell de Marcellus, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Gareth Davies, Chief of Design
ad:tech London ad:tech London 2012

Why Lead Generation?

It gives advertisers what they want:
dianomi Prospects that convert into customers
dianomi ROI, that is easy and straightforward to calculate
dianomi Transparency – how and where the data is collected
dianomi Excellent customer feedback

When Lead Generation goes wrong

dianomi Wrong demographic
dianomi No means to purchase
dianomi No intent to purchase (incentive based offers)
dianomi Spammed to lists
dianomi 1000s of low quality leads that will never convert
dianomi Re-sell them again and again to a series of call centres

= Lead Generation Nightmare


Best Practices – the basics

dianomi Ensure prospects actively consent to be contacted
dianomi Clearly communicate how the user will be contacted – email, phone etc.
dianomi Allow opted-in users to unsubscribe from further marketing
dianomi Approve data capture forms and creative before going live

Lead generation tip 1 – Target audience using demographic data

Exedra™ is fully integrated with Experian down to the household level
Users are demographically profiled in real time
30% of the prospects generated by the Exedra™ platform come from the UK’s 10% most affluent
Demographic data for leads in Exedra

Demographic data from Experian

Lead generation tip 2 – Contextual marketing is key

Capturing lead data in a relevant environment will generate high quality engaged prospects
Investing in Facebook report promoted alongside Facebook IPO article:
dianomiEngaged prospects
dianomiQuality leads
Contextual lead generation on Yahoo Finance

Lead generation tip 3 – When using email marketing, deliverability is key

You’ll be wasting your time if the email never reaches user’s inboxes.
List hygiene:
dianomi Manage unsubscribes
dianomi Handling bounces
dianomi Stopping emails to inactive users
dianomi Monitor complaints via ISP feedback loops (Yahoo!)
dianomi Digitally signing emails
dianomi Whitelisting certification
dianomi Sending consistent volumes
dianomi Sending emails at the same time of day as original request

In just 6 months we increased our email deliverability from 57.2% to 99.7%


Lead generation tip 4 – Don’t dupe your prospects

Make sure the prospect knows what they’re signing up for.
dianomiInclude tick boxes for prospect to actively consent
dianomiLead volume will DECREASE but quality & prospect engagement will INCREASE Users do not feel ‘tricked’
dianomiAdvertisers do not waste time speaking to people who are not happy to be contacted
Don't dupe your prospects

Lead generation tip 5 – Use CSS media queries to display responsive promotions on mobiles & tablets

>10% of traffic is mobile

Use CSS media queries to display responsive promotions on mobiles & tablets

Lead generation tip 6 – Use CSS media queries to display responsive emails on mobile devices

Use CSS media queries to display responsive emails on mobile devices

Lead generation tip 7 – Optimise your form

Use the following:
dianomi 3D Hero shots
dianomi Benefits
dianomi Awards
dianomi Testimonials
dianomi Open brochure image
Optimise your form

Lead generation tip 8 – Optimise your form – don’t ask unnecessary questions

Optimised form Non-optimised form
Required fields:
dianomi Name
dianomi Address
dianomi Email
dianomi Phone
Form 2 extra questions:
dianomi How often do you trade?
dianomi Which best describes your in- vestable assets?
dianomi How would you characterise your trading experience

The extra questions in Form #2 decreased the submit rate by 48%


Lead generation tip 9 – Qualify prospects – even if volumes reduce

Would you rather 1000s of low quality leads, or fewer that will actually convert?
Including a consent tick box prevents users from being surprised if they are contacted.
Qualify prospects - even if lead volumes reduce

Lead generation tip 10 – Validating your leads is key

Data validation
Validation combines 30+ data cleansing and enhancement checks including:
dianomi Name check
dianomi Address check
dianomi Telephone – real-time network query
dianomi Email domain check
dianomi IP address region check
dianomi Experian financial demographic tagging
Validating leads

Lead generation tip 11 – Get prospects to confirm their request

Asking prospect to confirm their initial request will reduce overall lead volume. However you will supply the advertiser with those leads that are most engaged, and most likely to go on and convert. You will save your client time and money.
77% of users confirm their requests via email or phone.
Prospects confirm their request

Alternatively, get prospects to confirm their interest on the phone

11% say they are happy to speak to someone about the product. It can take 6 attempts to reach the prospect via phone (source: Leads360).
Prospects confirm by telephone

Lead generation tip 12 – Collect customer feedback and report it to the advertiser

What customers are saying
Level 2 Insight report from Exedra

Summary – Best practice lead generation

An efficient way to capture interested consumers.
Consumers are satisfied – they get the information they are looking for, without being tricked into giving their details.
Advertisers don’t waste their time trying to convert poor quality leads and instead get:
dianomi The right kind of prospect
dianomi With the intent and means to purchase
dianomi Who is educated on the service provided
dianomi And who is happy to speak to someone about the product
by Cabell de Marcellus and Gareth Davies
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