Wall Street investors are much braver about the European crisis than their London counterparts, buying stocks and silver and seeing a much less chance of a euro break-up, according to a recent survey of investors from both sides of the pond.


Fourty-three percent of UK investors believe the euro zone will break up this year, compared to just 27 percent in the U.S., according to a copy of a soon-to-be-released poll by Dianomi obtained by CNBC.


“A flight to safety appears to be well underway with U.K. investors moving to cash,” said Cabell de Marcellus, co-founder of Dianomi, a marketing firm which counts financial firms such as Barclays and Fidelity among its clients, in the survey release. The survey of affluent investors was conducted last month with 1,800 respondents from the U.K. and 1,200 from America.


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By Julian Barkes