Top 10 Tips to Maximise User Engagement

1.When creating content make sure to focus on your audience’s interest or needs and aim to address their problems. 2.Topical content is key to engaging users. 3.Make ads more personal and asking questions in the ad text will increase engagement. 4.Images with people are most engaging followed by objects, logos and lastly text or graphs. 5.Using actual numbers in the ad text as opposed to writing out the number in letters performs better. 6.Shortening the ad text and keeping it to the point tends to perform better than long text. 7.The ad text and imagery must be relevant to the landing page to manage user expectations and maximise dwell time on the site. 8.Make your CTA as relevant to the content as possible, ie. Watch video, Read article, Download guide… 9.Split testing images and ad text is key so one can measure which one works best. 10.Lastly, keep testing to continually optimise.
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