Piers Currie of Aberdeen Asset Management on Why Timing is Everything

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We sat down with Dianomi client, Piers Currie, who, until recently, served as the Group Head of Brand for Aberdeen Asset Management.
Under his leadership, Currie expanded marketing for Aberdeen into the U.S and several other markets. Currie shared with us the unique challenges of globalizing the investment brand and why marketing to investors is all about timing.
Why did you partner with Dianomi? 
Aberdeen Asset Management  has been working with Dianomi for more than a decade.  We started together in the U.K then expanded into the U.S. at the same time.  What appeals to us about Dianomi is that content is king and Dianomi enables us to distribute our content through multiple media platforms and to do it in a way that’s compelling and well reported.
Why is proximity important to Aberdeen Asset Management?

Asset management is a complex industry in terms of distribution. We’re in 25 countries and have 26 audience segments ranging from high institutional to private investors and we have to serve a community with diverse needs and expectations.  The U.S. specifically is very complex; both in terms of the channel and geography. Dianomi simplifies the process of reaching these audience segments in the U.S. and the U.K by being an end-to-end native platform. They help produce the content, develop the native ad and distribute it for us.  Being end-to-end is critical for us to scale. We’ve tripled the amount of content we produce but, at the same time, we need to make sure that what we put out there is compelling and resonates.

How does native advertising work within your marketing mix? 

How people interact with content is changing. We don’t own our customers so we must meet them in the environment where and how they want to read this information.  Investors also don’t often want to see banner ads from financial service providers and generally don’t transact much. They’re also pressed for time and prefer content in a snackable format.  Working with Dianomi, our content is time-efficient, interesting and dynamic.  We see engagement when the client and prospect is fertile. Using lead-gen tactics such as native, combined with email, we can move them through the funnel.