Verified Cost Per Click campaign


dianomi have announced a new product to increase conversions and ROI from Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns.


Introducing Verified Cost-Per-Click campaigns – everyone wants to increase the number of conversions and cut down on wasted clicks from their CPC campaigns – we’ve been trialling VCPC campaigns and early stats show a decrease of up to 80% in wasted clicks and increase in conversions from the verified clicks.


With a verified CPC campaign the user clicks on a contextual SmartLink advert on a finance site in the usual way but instead of being directed to the client’s site, the user is taken to a dianomi hosted landing page with brief details of the product. The user is only directed to the client if they click again to confirm their interest – and the client is only charged for these verified clicks.


Therefore, the client only pays for clicks from prospects with serious intent.