Addressing Financial Audiences in Human Terms

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 An Interview with Dianomi EVP Dianomi USA, Rachel Tuffney 

Gramercy Institute Chief Analyst, Bill Wreaks, recently met up with Rachel Tuffney, EVP Dianomi, USA. Tuffney leads North American growth and operations for this fast-growing London-based financial marketing firm.

Wreaks engaged with Tuffney to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the financial marketing world that we are all navigating today, Dianomi’s key value to financial marketers as well as the growth, success and North American potential of this important company.



“I think it is important that we start off by making sure that we think in human terms.”

Key Points Covered:

  • Crisis Advice in Financial Marketing
  • The Relevancy of Relevancy
  • Measurement of Success
  • Power of Content in Marketing
  • Our Industry’s Long-term Outlook