Dianomi, the only native content marketing and intelligence platform, focused exclusively on business and financial services, today announces the launch of Dianomi Insights, a new content intelligence product for advertisers. Dianomi Insights provides advertisers with access to intelligence on the products and content that are trending with readers, so that advertisers can quickly target them with the most relevant native advertisements.

With Dianomi Insights, we are solving a major targeting challenge advertisers face today:  knowing what trends and topics are most relevant to their customers at any given moment,” said Rupert Hodson, CEO of DIanomi. “Using Dianomi Insights, advertisers can make their native ad spend even more efficient.”

Dianomi Insights are accessed through Dianomi’s recently launched DMP, which gives advertisers data on the 18 million articles and 100 million unique users on the Dianomi business and finance network each month.  For the first time, this data now includes insights on content and themes that are trending with readers; what content and themes audiences and readers are engaging with most and who is consuming their content.  Advertisers can then use this intelligence to distribute the most targeted content to readers in the form of Dianomi Native ads.

For example, a content producer who wants to engage with millennials would want to know what those millennials are reading, right now. With this knowledge, they can apply them to their product content stream e.g. if millennials are consuming a lot of content on climate change, an ETF provider can use that data to create content that tackles the matter and inject information about their ETF that focuses in renewal energy companies.

“Customizing content to improve media performance has become a universal need for advertisers,” added Hodson. “Using Dianomi Insights, they can get the maximum revenue and conversion for each native ad.”

About Dianomi

Dianomi™ is a global leader in premium content marketing. We are the only native content platform that focuses exclusively on the Business and Finance vertical. Through our natively integrated Sponsored Content Units, we promote links to our advertisers content across leading tier 1 global publishers and stock exchanges. For more information about Dianomi, go to www.dianomi.com.