dianomi look after all advertising on SGX :
display and performance.


The SGX audience is around 75% male, 75% over the age of 45, wealthy and investment aware. Users visit 6 times per month on average and look at 3 pages per session with average session duration of 5 minutes.

Users respond well to investment opportunities and conversion rates are high.


Display advertising

The SGX home page is the most viewed page on the site and is not available programmatically but the high viewability, high Click Through Rate 300×250 unit is available through dianomi.

The remainder of the site can be targeted using 160×600 skyscrapers – we can tailor a package to achieve your KPIs.


dianomi’s native ad units are present across the site and can be used for cost per click campaigns. Campaigns can be targeted at SGX only or SGX and all publishers.



The site is much in demand so please book early – contact Julian Peterson in our Sydney office.

More information on our native ads.