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dianomi™ is dedicated to helping people discover valuable financial content, be it a guide or report, an article or a video, that educates them into making better informed financial decisions. HSBC and Aberdeen Asset Management have recently run content campaigns through dianomi. Through dianomi™s Financial Commentary Widget we recommend your content across premium financial publisher […]

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau one in five web users is now using “do not track” settings on their browsers. They expect this to rise to 50% over the next few years. Mediacom said today “Over the last 12 months all major web browsers have implemented some form of ‘Do not track’ setting. The […]

Dianomi is rolling out their first content discovery campaign for HSBC Global Connections through Mindshare Worldwide. The content is targeting C-suite executives and focuses on articles and videos aimed at helping businesses to grow internationally. Delivered through dianomi’s custom integrated SmartLink™ ad units, the CPC campaign will be run across dianomi’s premium publisher network that […]

dianomi now serves over 700m finance related ads per month following the roll out of financial commentary units on Reuters’ article pages. The new content unit offers dianomi’s financial advertiser client base the ability to present their own financial content globally to engaged users on 19 August 2013 – Update: dianomi now serve 1 […]

  The fold   At dianomi we spend a lot of time talking about the positioning of ad placements on websites. The accepted wisdom is that ‘above the fold’ is the best place to be. ‘The fold’ is a publishing concept that moved from print to digital and it describes the area of the page […]

  I really have not heard as much debate about Unique Audience as I thought I would and I suspect that many smaller publishers might not be aware of the new plans for online audience measurement at all. The IAB Australia have recently started to work with Nielsen on ‘Nielsen Online Ratings’ and the idea […]

    Australia – All eyes are on Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd who have put one of their Aussie newspapers ‘The Australian‘ behind a paywall this month. Even their arch rivals Fairfax are [secretly] hoping News can make it profitable.   The paywall highlights the difference in strategy between major newspaper publishers News and Fairfax […]