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A big issue in digital display advertising at the moment is “viewability” – does a human being actually see most digital advertisements? In many cases the ad is shown ‘below the fold’ in a position on the page that the user does not scroll down to or see on the screen at any time – […]

A distinction between display and performance digital advertising remains in many people’s minds but I’ve come to believe that there’s no such thing as digital display advertising – not in the same way that there is in print, outdoor etc: all digital advertising is performance advertising. It can be tracked like no other medium, required actions can […]

“Programmatic has forced a separation of editorial and ad space, and we’ve lost context as a result” says John Battelle in Digiday today. Battelle continues “When readers or viewers come to a site or app, they come for the experience – what I call “the show.” That show provides context to the reader – if […]

Financial Content Discovery Network from dianomi “We’ve been saying it for years now: What’s the point of creating great content if no one knows about it? If you aren’t going to promote it, your audiences will very likely never discover it – and you will have wasted the resources to create it.” – Content Marketing […]

dianomi’s Re-engagement unit has been implemented across a number of sites including Reuters. The Re-engagement unit consists of two elements: 1) Increase traffic: recommended articles from the host site – these are recommended according to current user behaviour. 2) Increase revenue: sponsored content, guides and commentaries from dianomi advertisers – contextually matched to the content […]

dianomi’s Sales & Marketing Director for APAC, Julian Peterson, will be speaking at ad:tech London – the event for digital marketing – this week. Julian will be in a panel discussion “Turning data into dollars” with representatives from AddThis, WPP Xaxis, Social Metrix and Sandhutch. The panel will take place on Thursday at noon and will […]

Looking for new clients in Sydney or Melbourne? New York or Chicago? Surrey or Cheshire? Advertisers can now target their digital campaigns by state in Australia and the US or by county in the UK. dianomi’s IP targeting is based on market leading technology and guarantees accurate and reliable targeting of users in the targeted location.