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      dianomi are exclusively representing new Australian site Stockhead for all display and performance advertising. Some of Australia’s most famous business reporters have joined Stockhead to cover the stories behind hundreds of publicly-listed companies all competing to become the “next big thing” in the sectors of technology, healthcare and resources. Tim Treadgold, Barry […]

Fintech startups who advertise with dianomi on ASX can now get a massively discounted introduction package. There comes a time when every startup needs to start telling the world what they’ve created and, no matter how amazing the idea, this costs money. But it costs 80% less with dianomi’s new fintech intro package on ASX. […]

dianomi’s ad units are now live on CNN Money. CNN Money is a Top 10 Financial News property with more than 19 million monthly digital multi-platform unique visitors according to comScore*. * comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform Report. Period: March 2014. Rank based on Financial News/Research category.

dianomi, Trustnet and Schroders’ research has been featured in the FT Adviser article “Big take up in investment trusts” “Research by FE Trustnet, Schroders and content distributor Dianomi has shown an appetite for investment trusts within Isas – with two-thirds of investors putting the same amount or more than last year into investment trusts during […]

A distinction between display and performance digital advertising remains in many people’s minds but I’ve come to believe that there’s no such thing as digital display advertising – not in the same way that there is in print, outdoor etc: all digital advertising is performance advertising. It can be tracked like no other medium, required actions can […]

dianomi’s Re-engagement unit has been implemented across a number of sites including Reuters. The Re-engagement unit consists of two elements: 1) Increase traffic: recommended articles from the host site – these are recommended according to current user behaviour. 2) Increase revenue: sponsored content, guides and commentaries from dianomi advertisers – contextually matched to the content […]