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Financial Ad Spend Is Surviving the Pandemic, Says Dianomi

Originally published on AdMonsters There’s been an inordinate amount of journalistic reporting detailing the instability of the advertising market brought about by the impact of COVID-19. Anyone reading the state of affairs would wholeheartedly believe that the Coronavirus completely obliterated ad spend. If you’re one of those folks, I’mma let you

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Dianomi Financial Content Trends: June 2020

Investors remain hungry for content. More than three months into the Covid-19 pandemic in Western countries, investors are still searching for insight and expertise that might help them navigate a path through the volatility that the crisis has prompted. Data from Dianomi reveals surging interest in financial content online continued

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Trust, Quality & Experience

Until recently, my entire professional career has been spent within some of the world’s leading publishers and the three most important values I learned are trust, quality and experience.  I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that now, more than any time in a generation, those values

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Addressing Financial Audiences in Human Terms

 An Interview with Dianomi EVP Dianomi USA, Rachel Tuffney  Gramercy Institute Chief Analyst, Bill Wreaks, recently met up with Rachel Tuffney, EVP Dianomi, USA. Tuffney leads North American growth and operations for this fast-growing London-based financial marketing firm. Wreaks engaged with Tuffney to better understand the challenges and opportunities in

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Ed Nini: Personalized Content in Financial Marketing Leads to Sales

Data has become critical in financial services marketing, especially as it relates to content marketing, according to Ed Nini, head of ETF Marketing at Principal Global Investors. With the rise of content marketing, data has allowed firms to better understand and better assess which message connects with a particular audience

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