For The Financial Times’ finding the right audiences for financially focused native advertising campaigns is critical in helping them to achieve the KPIs for their advertisers’ campaigns. In the past, the publisher relied on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to extend the audiences of campaigns. However, while social networks give them reach, they are not as effective in driving interaction.

Specifically, for FT client JP Morgan Asset Management, the publisher wanted to engage portfolio managers who would, not just view their ad, but click through to explore an interactive timeline to learn how different decisions and financial climates can impact a portfolio.

With Dianomi’s help, Financial Times was able to find the right audiences and bring in quality interaction to their campaign. For Portfolio Perspectives, Dianomi drove the highest rate of all platforms in terms of total clicks on the “Test your portfolio” external link buttons, which took users to the advertisers’ website. It also drove the second highest rate of click events on the portfolio comparisons tool.

7% of all external clicks from the content came from Dianomi traffic 4% of Dianomi traffic clicked through to the advertiser’s site to test their portfolios

Mark Savile, said working with Dianomi has helped them “reach the right audience within the right contexts, bringing not only traffic but also quality interaction.” The campaign was such a success, that companies have now gone on to work together on campaigns for clients such as: PWC, Google, UBS etc.