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With digital ad fraud costing advertisers an estimated $7 billion a year, and that figure expected to rise to $10+ billion by 2020, advertisers need to understand their exposure to bots. Robots can sometimes account for a whopping 90 percent of clicks generated in an ad campaign. While robot traffic is down so far in […]

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product called Dianomi Automated Ads. With Automated Ads, advertisers can automatically generate the native ads that will perform the best with their target audiences and cut down on time spent in creating and optimizing native ads. We do this in a few ways. One, for publishers […]

The old saying goes, “in life there are no guarantees.” And yet, for a moment in time, it would appear that some vendors in the content marketing space defied that logic by reportedly offering revenue guarantees to publishers in the ballpark of a $1million+. But, as Digiday reported earlier in the year, some publishers are […]

The Globe and Mail is the first publisher in Canada to deploy Dianomi’s native ad units. Dianomi, a native content and marketing platform, today announced its expansion into the Canadian market through a partnership with The Globe and Mail. The Globe and Mail is the first publisher in Canada to offer Dianomi’s native ad units […]