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  This week, journalist Steve Smith wrote a piece in Folio magazine explaining why Kiplinger have chosen dianomi as their sole content network partner. You can find the article written here. Clutter happens. It’s one of the sad consequences of online ad economics. Publishers hungry for more digital dimes seem unable to resist slapping in […]

Wall Street investors are much braver about the European crisis than their London counterparts, buying stocks and silver and seeing a much less chance of a euro break-up, according to a recent survey of investors from both sides of the pond.   Fourty-three percent of UK investors believe the euro zone will break up this year, compared to just […]

Michael Konstantinov reckons authorities in Brazil, Russia, India and China – the ‘Brics’ – will not be beaten by the eurozone crisis.   ‘We’re actually going to see a significant relaxation of monetary and fiscal policies in the Bric economies which were tightened last year on the back of inflationary pressures going up,’ Konstantinov said […]

    Millions of pension investors are seeing their funds eaten away by charges that can leave them tens of thousands of pounds worse off in old age. Alarming disparities between pension providers’ fees for keeping money in almost identical funds are hammering savers’ nest eggs. Eight out of 10 investors believe fees are not being clearly […]

    Dianomi UK Investor Survey  Author: Dianomi Ltd H1 2012 – Euro crisis and recession ahead? Dianomi goes direct to the customer to find out what they most desire in terms of investment themes, assets, sectors and services. Read more here By Julian Barkes  

  dianomi’s investor survey featured in The Financial Times’ Investments section on 20 January 2012 – Poll reveals fund fees anger   “Eight out of ten private investors believe charges on managed funds are not being clearly disclosed to them – even though more than half consider “transparent fees” and “low dealing costs” to be […]